our mission

our mission

At makeachnge, our goal is to create environmentally friendly products that help recycle plastics that are currently in our oceans and use the profits from our products to fund carbon capture efforts currently in effect around the world. 

Makeachnge™ will donate 20% of every sale to carbon capture companies. Many environmentally progressive brands currently spend money planting trees for every order. The problem is that planting trees is not enough to save the planet and more importantly, the future! We also need to remove the large amounts of carbon that have already been released into the atmosphere. This is why at makeachnge™ we will donate 20% of the revenue from every order towards carbon capture efforts across the world!

the problem

If we continue to damage our planet at the rate we are currently destroying it, the world will quickly become inhabital. Most millennials and people within generation Z see the negative effects climate change will have on our future. Because of this, millennials and generation Z have been preaching older people (especially people with power) to create new laws that will reduce the negative environmental impact companies are having on the environment.

The sad truth is most millennials and people within generation Z all have a phone stuck within a plastic case, and when they get the new iPhone the old case will get thrown in a landfill where it will sit for up to 1000 years decomposing. 

Another sad truth is the average person in the US used 1.6 straws per day. That seems small, but that adds to 500 million straws used (and then thrown in a landfill) per day. 

More than 60 million plastic water bottles were thrown into landfills last year. 60 million plastic water bottles thrown away each day comes to a total of 22 billion water bottles thrown away each year. That means that every person on earth throws just under 3 water bottles into a landfill every year!